Marcos J. Araúzo Bravo

Biodonostia Health Research Institute

Graduated in engineering from the University of Valladolid. He earned a Ph.D. in industrial technologies (University of Cartagena) and in information technology and biotechnology (Kyushu Institute of Technology), and continued as postdoctoral research fellow, where he worked on the synergetic control of genetic networks through transcriptional regulators. Until 2014 he led the laboratory of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster, Germany, developing tools for deciphering cellular reprogramming, methods to study transcription regulation, and algorithms for high-throughput data analysis. Since 2014 he is an Ikerbasque Research Professor, head of the group of Computational Biology and Systems Biomedicine and head of the Computational Biomedicine Data Analysis Platform at the Biodonostia Health Research Institute. Google Scholar

Ander Izeta

Biodonostia Health Research Institute

Dr. Izeta leads the Tissue Engineering Group at Biodonostia Health Research Institute and acts as an associate lecturer in Regenerative Medicine at Tecnun-University of Navarra, in San Sebastian, Spain. In the last 15 years his research group has contributed to our current understanding of human skin regeneration and repair. He has also been involved in a number of clinical trials, first for epidermolysis bullosa (a devastating genetic skin condition) and then in chronic cutaneous leg ulcers. As for the basic/translational research, they have focused efforts on human epidermal and dermal stem cells, and their regulation by SOX gene expression. In the last years they described the role of cell dedifferentiation and cell identity transitions in dermal homeostasis, and the Group is currently deciphering the implications of these newly described phenomena for human wound healing.

Marta Bertolini

Monasterium Laboratory Skin & Hair
Research Solutions GmbH

Radovan Komel

University of Ljubljana

Mirjana Liović

University of Ljubljana

Principal Investigator and Deputy Head of Medical Center for Molecular Biology (MCMB), Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, since 2008. She obtained her MSc and PhD at the University of Ljubljana (1993 - 2000). At College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee (UK) se held the position of Junior and Senior Postdoctorall Fellow (2000 - 2008). Since 2016 she is also founder and CEO of AdriaBio Ltd. Her main areas of expertise are epithelial biology and skin, as well as the cytoskeleton. She has 27 peer-reviewed publication in international scientific journals, and has supervised 3 PhDs and 7 BSc and MSc thesis. Since 2000 she obtained about 800,000 € on grant money.

Branislav Novotný

Mathematical Institute
Slovak Academy of Sciences

Igor Adameyko

Medical University of Vienna

Currently Igor's work is concentrated on different aspects of stem cell biology. He is generally interested in understanding the principles of animal design and organ development. Igor focuses on cellular aspects of cell lineage development, fate choice and evolution, elaboration of novelties in cellular lineages, issues of biological individuality and competition of cells inside of the multicellular organisms.

Rainer Riedl

DEBRA Austria

Ardeshir Bayat

University of Manchester

Sarah Teichmann

European Bioinformatics Institute
Sanger Institute

Francisco Jiménez Acosta

Mediteknia - Clínica del Pelo

Holger Heyn

Single Cell Genomics Team

Ralph Paus

Institute of Inflammation and Repair
University of Manchester

Alex M. Ascensión

Biodonostia Health Research Institute

Olga Ibáñez Solé

Biodonostia Health Research Institute

Sandra Fuertes

Biodonostia Health Research Institute

Marija Rogar

University of Ljubljana

Marija Rogar is a Research Associate at the Medical Centre for Molecular Biology (MCMB) and teaching assistant at the Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. She is also co-founder AdriaBio Ltd. Company, where she is also employed as procurator. She studied at the Veterinary faculty (University of Ljubljana) from 2003 to 2010, and obtained her PhD in Molecular genetics and biotechnology, University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia).